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The Grimoires:

Between forests and remains of ancient civilizations, Inferitvm was born as an atypical band in a sunny and warm island like Majorca. In 2014 they begin by demonstrating that darkness can be born in the most unexpected places, and debuted with a classic like 'The Warlock”, straight black-metal work that manages to connect with a thirsty audience and a practically dead scene at a national level. Their performances are pure spectacle and endow their music with speed and fierceness in equal parts. Sorcerer V. and Bärg remain in the line-up before innumerable changes and strengthen themselves as an indestructible nucleus. Making use of their contacts between musicians in main bands of the island they pursued providing solidity to the current line-up to present the third work 'The Grimoires' in a live oriented ‘coven’ band.

'The Grimoires' has been created to please those who share the taste for classic albums within the genre, names like Emperor, Marduk or Satyricon resonate among the influences, and the theme and genre always deserved for the band such devotion. The album with eleven tracks and an hour full of nuances, starts with melodies plenty of mysticism and darkness, and tells the story of the most important forbidden grimoires in European history, delving into the miseries and stories behind them.

A landscape full of witchery, take witness explaining the steps followed by necromancers, magicians and forgotten witches, which formally turn the LP into a manual for unravel all the mysteries of black magic, with a ‘symphonic’ twist that will undoubtedly surprise all who enjoy black magic and extreme music. The musical scenario introduces some orchestral variations helping to introduce your mind into concept and imaginery of a ‘not for childrens’ album.

Songs like ‘Codex Gigas’, with melodic arpeggios and long ‘trance’ choruses full of greatness, first single ‘Clavicula Salomonis’ which brings all the fierceness, fastest and complex rhythms, as well as 'Goetia of Shadows' bringing us an inheritance of magic and witchcraft in the form of melodies, based on mystical progressions and unusual musical ‘tritonal’ intervals. Tracks like 'Galdabrök' contain less aggressive but deeper stories and sounds, and 'De Occulta Philosophia' gives us some of the most cathartic and inspired moments of the album.

The lyrics are based on ancient spells and rituals of esoteric origin, the majority of recital refrains that manage to express the prayers and rituals in a solemn and profound way.


The islander black-metal project was born in 2014 with the task of putting the genre back in the shadow of the glory it had in the 90s. Formed with musicians of different areas of the island of Majorca, the philosophy of the band is following the black metal label from the 90’s most infamous bands as a pure conceptual beginning but excluding arsoning or murders.

The sound of Inferitvm is fast, raw and full of details and reminiscences, Emperor or Immortal have been always references the talented bands from Norway, Sweden or Finland the countries where inspiration was found. Sorcerer V. and his trademark raw broken voice and ‘avantgarde’ way of conceiving guitar, the characteristically fast blastbeasts drums from Bärg, ‘low pulse devastation’ bass from Aghanazzar, and Lord Insekkton as Guitar ‘flamifer’ conform the squad that will try to unveil your nights with a new wave of evil metal..

Their first LP released in 2015 by the name of “The Warlock” starts with ancient imaginery and a tribute to old warlocks stories based in the ancient history tales of Majorca. After a while, Inferitvm returned in 2016 with “The War of the Witches”, an EP with 4 faster and more complex and darkened songs. Now the turn is for ‘The Grimoires’, an epic story about black magic, esoteric rituals and all the different ingredients of true classical black-metal.

Do you accept the challenge of deciphering the forbidden texts that Inferitvm has brought back to life?

INFERITVM – “The Grimoires”

1. Trithemius (1:04)

2. Codex Gigas (5:46)

3. Clavicula Salomonis (7:11)

4. Malleus Maleficarum (6:23)

5. Goetia of Shadows (6:04)

6. Galdrabök (5:15)

7. Liber Lux Tenebris (5:41)

8. De Occulta Philosophia (7:02)

9. La Poule Noire (5:30)

10. De Praestigiis Daemonum (5:03)

11. De Umbrarum Regni (5:27)

Inferitvm - De Occulta Philosophia

De Occulta Philosophia
Inferitvm (The Grimoires)

Left to right, Up to Down: Inferitvm 2018, Sorcerer V., Aghanazzar, Bärg, Lord Insekkton